Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Up and out and back already

I was up an internetted earlier than most places open for brunch. Except The Skillet. The Skillet is a great place with, generally, long lines of people waiting to get in. They have an elaborate coffee cart set up outside the front door to serve the waiting hordes. I thought, maybe, a cloudy, not warm, Sunday of Memorial Day weekend might not be horde-y. And I was right.

Except, I forgot... the very few non-horde-y times are toddler times. ARUGH. Hipster toddlers are even worse, in my book, than regular toddlers and this joint was full of hipster toddlers. Oh well. I managed to get my breakfast and get the hell out of there. Lesson learned.

Now I'm home with the day ahead of me. There are pickles to make. The ballgame starts in 20 minutes. The movie I want to see plays at 12:30 and 3:10. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. I'm playing it as it goes. Cause I can. If the weather holds, I will likely walk somewhere after the game is over.

I found Zoey's new hidey spot. Turns out it's not that hidey. It's on the other side of an armoire in the fish room. She's so weird.
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