Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got dressed this morning without thinking and didn't even toss on a jacket or hoodie and discovered that it was way chillier than I had thought. Delightful, actually. And it hasn't warmed up very much. My little quick and dirty weather app was totally wrong. So... my little trip here in a bit will be delightfully comfortable.

My swim was good. This Saturday pool is really the most wonderful pool. It's got giant huge lanes with an infinity kind of edge and the temperature is just perfect. It's very new - about a year and a half. And it shows. Just a joy to swim in.

I went back to the same place for breakfast and had a different dish and it was as deliciously amazing as last week's. It's just a very cute and very comfortable and very delicious place. Such a great find. And about halfway to home.

I got home and got into my unit before I ran into anyone who might spill the baseball score. I covered up Twitter and so was able to thoroughly enjoy the game at my own pace. It's surely over by now but I'm only in the 8th inning. Nice.

I got a new swim bag at Walmart yesterday and tested it out today and it's great BUT, it needs one more outside pocket. So when I got home, I found a mesh cosmetic bag that is jut the right size so I just sewed it onto the side of the new bag and BAM! perfecto.

And, while looking for some cotton yarn to use for sewing, I found a whole box of denture tablets. I realized yesterday that I was down to my last tablet so this was a fun find! I used the second to last ones yesterday to clean out a wine decanter that I hadn't used in a long time. It's going to be my iced tea jug this summer.

Ok, one more inning and then I'm off to Uwajimaya.
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