Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm off to what has become The Saturday Pool in the south part of the county. Even Google's gotten with the program and just volunteered that it's 18 minutes from here with light traffic. I love that Google has me all figured out. There may come a day when my marbles will have escaped and I won't know who I am. But, I know Google will. It's comforting.

After swim, I'm thinking breakfast back at the place I found last week. And then maybe a quick stop at the QFC that's on the way home. I want to see if they carry the same cole slaw that the one in Capital Hill has.

Then home for the baseball game.

After the game, I think I'll take my walk over to the Japanese market to see if they have pickling cukes. They usually do and when they do, they are top quality. I have a hankerin' for some refrigerator pickles.

I usually dislike holiday weekends but this time I have plans - mini plans. Tomorrow I'm headed out for a movie downtown which will also be my walk. And then Monday, I'm thinking a swim at the gym and a haircut. The goal is to do something other than rattle around here wishing the holiday weekend was over!

NOTE: Of course, I have already checked and both the hair cutter and the gym are open on Monday. No need to leave anonymous comments telling me it's Memorial Day. Got it. (I've had 4 so far - deleted them all.)
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