Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 birds down

I was sitting here knitting and watching a podcast and my back was hurting. I couldn't get comfortable. I needed to raise my feet up a bit but not as high as the ottoman. And, while I had already done my 20 minutes, I thought maybe moving about would help my back so off my ass.

There's are two Goodwill stores within a 1.5 mile radius of here. One is a warehouse kind of place and one is a regular store. And it is Wednesday! Wednesday is 20% off for Seniors day. I went to the regular store and wandered around looking at all the goodies. I picked up a few things AND found a cute little solution to my foot raising issue.

Right now, this beauty is up side down with my feet on it. Perfect.

This, plus all my goodies with my old people's discount was $12.09. And then, the cashier said, 'would you like to round up to the nearest dollar?' She didn't say but the implication would be that the extra would be donated to Goodwill. Actually pretty cool idea. Kind of a sweet and easy way to give a little. I still got way more than $13.00 worth.


I'm trying to get close to just in time meals. I'm gradually working my way through the freezer and organizing the fridge. My ideal would be to have shelf stable emergency food - not too much but some - and then maybe a meal or two in the freezer and little else. I want to get in the habit of more efficient grocery shopping which for me - eating my myself - is buying today's dinner today and maybe tomorrow's dinner today but any more just gets lost and wasted. It's way too easy to get a freezer so full I can't add anything else. And, have nothing for dinner. That's the problem I'm trying to solve.

There's a lot of chicken in there and I'm already tired of chicken. See, that's what happens. But, not this time. Chicken for dinner it will be. Until the last cluck is out of the freezer.
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