Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's puzzlement is why did I pay the outfit that insures my condo an extra $60 last year? I went to check on exactly what my premium was and when it was due this morning and discovered that last year, on the same day I paid the premium, I paid them and extra 10%. No clues that I can find. Weird. It's due at the end of June so maybe there will be a clue this year.

Went swimming today and it was nice. It kind of felt like yesterday I cheated on my pool so it was nice to be back today.

I bought a new wireless charging car mount for my phone last week. It is such a total fail in a half dozen really frustrating ways. I did not buy it from Amazon - they don't sell it - so returning and getting my money back is going to be a PIA but the little bugger was $100 so I am totally going to fight the fight.

There will be a trip to the post office today.

But, that's it for the plans. I got nothing else going on today. So I think I'll start the nothing with a nice breakfast.
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