Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My Plan B pool is going to be very good, I think.

On Tuesdays/Thursdays, I would probably do better leaving here closer to 9 than 8:30 both traffic wise and pool wise. When I got to the pool's edge it was 9:20 and the 3 lane pool had six people swimming in it - 2 per lane and they had split the lanes so there was no room for a 7th swimmer.

I sat on the edge for not very long when a woman stopped and asked if I wanted in and volunteered to circle swim 'but you need to check with that guy' - the other guy in the lane. When he came back around I asked and he said great and I got in and when I looked up he was gone. So I shared a lane for 15 minutes and then the next lane cleared out and the other swimmer moved over and soon - like half way into my swim, there were only 2 of us in the pool. It was great.

It's a 25 yard pool. Saltwater but not as salty as the city's saltwater pool. AND... this is big... it was NOT too warm! Perfect would be a degree or two colder but this was fine. Just fine. It was really very nice. The showers are very nice. The whole thing... very nice! I stopped in Trader Joe's and was going to go through Jack in the Box for some breakfast but came on home instead and got a snack here. So I am swum and showered and fed now and, had I gone to the city pool, I'd just now be getting ready to get out.

I think I may, next time, vary my route a bit and see if I can make the to/from a little smoother. I'll go back to the city pool on Thursday and do a crowd check. If crowded, I may move to the LA Fitness pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I will absolutely give it a shot on Memorial Day. I had thought about going to the outdoor city olympic sized pool that opens up next weekend but, 1. the LA Fitness pool is really better for me and 2. it looks like the weather will be nice which means the outdoor pool will be crowded.

So good. very good. and free! So glad I looked into this.
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