Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's big plan is the new pool. I wore Google out last night trying to get info about the swim experience in this pool and really came up with more questions than answers. My main question is will I drive all the way across town to find the pool too crowded to enjoy my swim? It is only 3 lanes.

My current plan is to see what it's like at my first choice of swim time. I'll leave here about 8:30ish which should land me at pool's edge about 9ish when people who work should be at work and people who don't work are maybe not ready to hit the gym yet. That's my hope. We shall see.

Besides Trader Joe's right there, there are easy stops at various groceries from there to home. I need bread and one other thing that I can't remember now - not enough for a specific grocery trip but nice to pick up on the way home. This is the up side of this pool. If I can go swim and combine with other errands. A plus. I so hope it works out without hitches.

Other than that today is the baseball game. Conveniently (for me) on TV at 4. I have online shopping I need to do or decide not to. I have a free shipping code for teddy bear yarn that expires today. I really don't need yarn right now but it's free shipping! I probably will pass. There will be another free shipping deal probably before I run out.

And then there's shoes/inserts. The insert that my doctor directed me to, requires shoes that accept inserts. I don't really have any unless Crocs work. Which they might. I need to order the insert and see. If not, I need to find a pair of sandals that come with their own arches. This may involve a trip to an actual shoe store. We have a couple of shops downtown that specialize in specialty shoes.

I'm not rushing in because I'm still testing the Skechers. Since it takes several days for the problem to surface, I want to make sure these shoes, do, in fact, not cause it. I've been wearing them pretty much constantly instead of going barefoot. And, so far, so good.
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