Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A whole lotta wins

I remembered to wear clothes to the pool. Win one. My swim was great. I took my time getting showered and dressed and getting to the doctor's office and still got there too early. But he's on the 9th floor and the view is exceptional.

My blood pressure was the best it's been in forever. "Your lungs sound perfect!!" He gave me a choice of pelvic exam or no pelvic exam. "Current thinking is that we aren't so good finding issues with pelvic exams so I have started making them optional." I happily voted no thank you. And no thank you to mammogram and colonoscopy. Not due for another bone scan. No shots due. No medication changes.

One of my inhalers is a fiddly little thing. You have to open up a capsule packet every day and load the capsule into this pod thing to inhale. It's a PIA. The same drug is now also available in via respimat which is new fangled much easier to use inhaler. But, it's not on the doctor's list yet. I have to wait. S'ok.

I asked him to send me to a foot guy and he asked me why and poked all over my feet and asked me a bunch of questions and told me it was because my feet are flat and are breaking down from years of flat footness (he didn't say but I'm sure carrying 100 extra lbs ain't making the situation better). He said to get Green Superfeet inserts and put them in all my shoes and if that didn't fix it, he'd find me a foot guy. Sounds like a fine plan to me!

And, he'd see me in 6 months. Well, how about a year? How about 6 months. Ok. The man is hot for me. I just know it.

Then it was on to LA Fitness. LA Fitness is in kind of a famous building complex. It was built around a home of a woman who refused to sell. She died years ago and the house is kind of a boarded up mess now but it was finally recently bought by someone.

Parking is easy and that is before I discovered they have a whole garage of free parking under the building! I got my free Silver Sneakers card and marched up to the front desk and told the guy I was interested in swimming. He said "Cool! Let's get you all fixed up." Seriously, he was amazing. It took less than 4 minutes to get me into their system and the owner of a key fob that is my entry to the gym. It was amazing.

The gym is huge and really lovely. But really huge. I'll bet they had 50 treadmills alone. I went back to check on the pool. 3 lanes. It was full of an aqua jogging class that meets at 9 on M/W/F/Sat. There is also a class in the evenings and the rest of the time, I guess, the pool is lap ready. I think I'm going to try and go tomorrow. Just to test it out. Maybe I'll even do my 20 minutes of walking on one of those fancy treadmills while I'm there. Maybe.

In the complex that houses the gym and surrounds the woman's house is a Trader Joe's, a Ross for Less, a UPS store, a couple of other things and a nice like breakfast and lunch dinner/cafe. I stopped in for some breakfast to kill time til my nail appointment. It was ok. Not fabulous but not sucky either. This could be good.

Then on to my nail appointment where, because, I was early, I got a different manicurist who was actually much better. I have nice, shiny purple nails.

And now I'm home. All is good. Zoey is glued to my thigh napping. I think she's not wild about my not coming right home after my swim.
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