Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A nice day

The laundry is all done and put away except the clothes I need to wear tomorrow.

The baseball game was lovely. We ended up splitting the series with Boston which I think is fair. It's always so hard to play Boston. With any other team, you can kind of half listen and you know, when you hear cheering, to focus on what good thing just happened. But when Boston is in town, those scallywags send all their buddies to the stadium and they are loud. On my walk this morning, there were tons of peops in the 'hood in Red Sox gear just walking towards the stadium like it was perfectly fine. When Boston is in town and you hear a cheer, it could be good and it could be really bad. Today ways good good good.

I just spent an hour - a solid freakin' hour - trying to get my window shades app to work. It wasn't seeing the bridge that connects it to the router. But the router was giving it an IP address and was seeing it fine. I rebooted the bridge. The non-phone remote worked. The app on my old phone worked. The app on my Kindle Fire tablet worked. WTF???? I uninstalled and reinstalled. I rebooted the phone. I swore. I wrote out an email to the company using their web form only to discover they only allow 255 characters???? Double/triple WTF.

And... then... I thought of one more thing. Maybe I could switch my phone to the other SSID. That's when I discovered that my phone's wifi was off. DOH. Now, in reality, it should operate fine over ye olde internet but it doesn't but I don't care. I turned on Wifi and BAM, app fired right up.

That's an hour I won't see again.

Tomorrow is busy. At least the morning. Swimming at 6:30. Then I have a doctor's appointment at 8:15. (That's why I need to wear clothes to swimming tomorrow - I'll just go from there.) Then I have an appointment to get my nails done at 11. I'm guessing that the doctor's appointment won't take more than 30/45 minutes total. Rather than come home to turn around and leave again, I think I'm going to use the time to investigate LA Fitness.

The gym is over by the nail place anyway. Supposedly, I can use it with my Siler Sneakers card. They have a pool. That is open on holidays (like Memorial Day, for instance). It's not particularly handy to get to from here but, if it's not crowded and doesn't suck, it could be a nice Plan B for free. So I'm going to check it out. Plus there's a nice diner there in the same building (as well as a Trader Joe's) so if there's time, I'll grab some breakfast.

And then get my nails done. And then come home.

No new leaks.
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