Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday morning excitement... not

I woke up. Coffeed and Internetted and decided not to go out for brunch. Lazy. Plus, I ended up bringing home the leftover potatoes from yesterday's breakfast. I thought they might do well on Day 2 (or, more likely, Day 3, I don't know their real history).

So I leisurely got up and got laundry together and started a load and got an email... from the building manager... there was a leak. In the unit below me. In their bathroom.

It was a nice note (why do I dislike him so much?!) explaining that the leak was a very slow one and his experience said it was likely a loose toilet connection and could easily wait until Monday but he'd like to come up and inspect then.

OOOOOps! I had laid down a wash cloth by the toilet after I finished the bidet install so that I could easily check on leaks just by looking. And I looked and there were none and I forgot. So I went back in this morning and, yep, the wash cloth was soaked. And I could see where the leak was dripping.

So I turned off the water and dried off every single thing. And then tightened up that bolt and turned the water back on. Dry. Flushed. Dry. Flushed. Dry. But, then, I laid down a big towel all around the base of the toilet. I will NOT be forgetting to check this time.

EDITED: Ok so I figured out the issue. The loose bolt was to the tube carrying water to the bidet. Flushing the toilet bypassed the loose bolt so that's why no leaks. I was smart enough not to turn the bidet on with the lid up while I watched... We call that a face wash. But so I did a sit test. No leak. So far. Towel stays and I will be checking after bidet use not after flushing.

Whew. And, whatever happens, even if I have to hire someone. That bidet is so totally worth it.

After I emailed the building manager and the people downstairs to tell them of the fix, it was time for breakfast. I was very right. Those potatoes were fabulous again! And there's still some more so they still have a lovely future.

My brother does that. He always takes a doggie bag with him from a restaurant even if what's left is a sliver. And then he makes it into a marvelous breakfast the next day. He loves cooking and he's very good at it and has the same food history as me so I, of course, love everything he cooks. (As I typed that, he posted a photo of the eggs benedict he made this morning for his wife's belated Mother's Day - she was sick last weekend. And it looks just perfect.)

So... next up... clean up the kitchen. Check the toilet. Put washer stuff in dryer and start second load. Gather all the trash and garbage and take it downstairs. And after that, I think I'll force myself to walk at least around the block before the sun comes out. The baseball doesn't start until 1 so I have time.
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