Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My Spidey nonsense...

I have intermittent, undiagnosed, faux ADD. I go through phases where my attention span is reduced to the time it takes to sneeze. When I was working, it was fairly helpful as most of the jobs I had required massive juggling of stuff so I needed to be able to switch gears rapidly. Now, it serves no purpose at all. And it has me wasting my 'golden' years on games. Not even Gaming Games but regular old standing-in-the-grocery-line time filling mindless games.

Like Spider Solitaire. When Windows 98 hit the streets, I found Spider Solitaire and probably killed a cumulative 2 years with it back then. I played it while I talked on the phone. I played it when I got home I played it constantly. I was working at one dotcom in a cubicle next to the data base guy who was one of the nicest guys on the planet but one who was very serious and studious about his work. I introduced him to Spider Solitaire and while I do not believe that is why the dot com failed, he did also pick up my obsession...

I finally got over it. And moved on with my life. I kind of fell in love with match 3 games - not bejeweled and candy crunch style but the kind you don't have to 'share' with people. Fishdom held me for many years. But for the past couple, it's been Call of Atlantis. I play it over and over again. I rack up points in the millions and have accumulated hundreds of each of the 'tools'. I play it on my tablet while I'm listening to my audio book every night before I go to bed.

But, on my phone, I've reconnected with Spider Solitaire and I am lost again. I pause TV shows for a quick game. I pick it up when my hands cramp up from knitting. I fire it up when I get to the pool too early.

My phone is the smartest of smart phones. When I hit the spider icon, I sometimes think if the phone's so damn smart why does it keep letting me waste so much of my life on this stupid game????

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