Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was great. The guy who was there for so many Saturdays taking up my favorite lane with his in-my-face sprints hasn't been there for 2 weeks. In fact, lots of people are staying away. The past two Saturdays have been pretty sparsely populated. Fine by me as long as they don't declare the time slot not busy enough to justify opening for laps!

Laps end at 9:30 because there is a huge aqua exercise class that takes over the whole pool. I swim until they pull the lane lines and by that time most of the attendees are out of the locker room and into the pool. Today was no different. There were two women blocking my locker but they were nearly done and they were talking about where they were going to breakfast after class.

One of them turned around and said with a big grin "are you the one who steals my favorite locker every Saturday???" It took me a minute because I was so focused on finding a new breakfast place. We had a good laugh about the locker and then I fessed up that I had been eavesdropping about the restaurant. They gave me the details and I promised to find another locker next week. Fair trade.

Then I went on to the auto parts store. Found what I wanted. Went to Safeway and got out with only the 3 things on my list (in spite of now being starved). And then went to find their restaurant.

Fucking SCORE!!! Both Ways Cafe at the corner of Genesee and 50th Ave S. It's my new goto place for Saturday breakfast.

Now I'm home and all is good. I need to do my 20 minutes of walking but I may just do an inside the park/condo walk later.
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