Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My feet are soooo much better today. I can move my ankles any which way with no problems and the muscles have all relaxed quite nicely. They didn't wake me up once and I can walk completely comfortably. Whew. and Yeah!

This morning it's off to the Saturday pool which is on the south edge of the city. I'm still getting used to how long it takes to get there. It's only open for laps for an hour and I don't want to miss a minute of that so I want to be there and ready as soon as they say 'ok you can get in now'. It opens at 8:30. If I leave here at 7:45, it seems I get there way too early. If I leave here at 8, I barely make it in time. Leaving early and getting there early is less stressful. I'm cool with eating up spare time playing Sudoku in the parking lot til time.

I'm getting more familiar with the area but it's still somewhat confusing. After my swim today I need to find a Safeway for a couple of Safeway brand things. I think there's one just past the pool. And then an auto parts store. I need one of those gizmos that gives you two cigarette lighter ports out of one. And I'll need to find some breakfast.

And that's it for the list today. So probably home to knit bears and clear off some TiVo.

I have a lot of end of season stuff I haven't seen yet. But, also, the Mariners are going to the East coast so games will all be in the mornings or at 4 pm so that leaves lots of TiVo clearing time, too. I can add an external drive to get more TiVo space but I'd rather not - too many variables if something gets hinky. Once I get through May which is the month when baseball and the regular TV season clash, it will be more manageable.

Zoey is doing great. It's so weird now to think about how different she was just a week ago when she was sick. She's fully back to knocking stuff off of everything, chasing the red dot and walking all over my keyboard. I'm very grateful.
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