Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So... I got blood drawn and peed into the cup on Wednesday and didn't hear anything. Usually, I get the results that day. So, of course, this morning I figured that I failed some test and they didn't want me to know. Wrong. Of course.

The note came in this afternoon that the results were ready. The doctor left a little note that my HDL was great and my diabetes test result was borderline high. And, we'd discuss on Monday.

I love getting these test results before I go in so I can study and think about them and get any questions ready.

For several years now, he's been on this pre diabetes kick. Lose weight, don't eat white stuff, cut back on sugars, etc. And I nod and listen and promise nothing. My score is 5.8. He gets to auger down on my ass at 6.4. This afternoon, I went back through the past few years - 4 actually - and except for 2013, I've been 5.8 every time. 2013, I hit 5.7. So... no augering for him this time. Sorry cute doctor.

Anyway, I'm very relieved and now actually looking forward to going to see him because I'm also pretty sure my blood pressure is excellent. Whew. Monday morning, right after my swim. Note to self, be sure and wear clothes to the pool.
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