Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Confused but it's not fatal.

Generally I swim laps that are 25 yards long in length. It takes 71 lengths (or 35.5 laps) to make a mile. I do it in 55 minutes and my Shine calls it .9 miles.

Today I swam in the 15 yard pool. I did 122 lengths (a mile would be 118 lengths). I swam for 55 minutes but I had to stop twice to explain to two different people why I wasn't swimming in the big pool. My Shine called it .8 miles.

Something's off somewhere. But, whatever.  It felt good. There was no traffic.  It was fine. And way better than fighting the woman who hogs the end so it's hard to turn or the one who goes fast and then slow so I never know what's up.

When I was done I ran into my 80 year old friend, Madeline who was on her way to aqua jog class. She looked at my hands and arms and declared that it looked like my tattoo artist was on a big Rorschach kick. hahahaha pretty good. My left hand/arm is not quite as bad but close...

I totally forgot to take my walk around the neighborhood this morning. I think I'll go down now and check the mail via this path... walk to the end of the hall, stairs up to the 5th floor - walk the entire hall, stairs down to 4, walk hall, down to 3, etch til I hit the mailbox on floor 1.


In the box that brought my Fancy Toilet Seat was an invitation from the company to write an Amazon review and get a $10 Amazon cash card for my efforts. Because I am an obstinate bitch, when someone asks me for a review I blow them off - every time. Amazon vendors really piss me off with their not-even-cogent-but-way-too-wordy begging emails that I cannot find a way to automatically filter to trash. But, for $10, I'll do you for sure! So I did. Gave it 4 stars. I knocked one off for the installation instructions and explained the problem. I sent them the link and in an hour I had my $10! I was kind of impressed actually.

For the record, I did not order mine from Amazon. BiobidetPlus.Com has a fabulous site with amazing information and good videos. Plus, when I had questions, I sent them an email and got a perfectly fabulous response. And... when it came down to it, because Biobidet Plus was having a 5% off sale and does not charge sales tax, I ended up getting about $100 off the Amazon price. But the Amazon reviews of all bidets were most helpful.


ok time to walk.
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