Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today, and really the rest of the week, there is nothing on the calendar. Outside of swimming and the baseball games, of course. But, otherwise, no one is after me for anything and I have nothing that I must do. Nice.

Around the house, I need to do some touch up painting. I have all I need to do it, I just need to get on it. Three colors are involved. I have two out and ready and need to track down the third one.

I think I'm going to try using the training pool for all of my laps today and see what that does to my Misfit tracking. As far as fun and feeling good and being fun - my top three reasons for swimming - the training pool works fine. If it offers more fitness then very cool.

jwg asked for a picture of my new ass buddy. Lid up:

Lid down with remote:

I did a lot of research and really got tired of reading about how 'you'll never go back to regular toilets' and other such hyperbole. But, honestly, after less than 24 hours, I get it. It is really amazing.


My brother's tech, Bryant, made this great little video - the first in a series. He's going to get a wallpaper with the business logo and URL/Phone number on it before the next one :).

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