Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My morning has been pretty full... starting with a very excellent swim that was not at all crowded. Yeah. Then...

On to the lab at the doctor's office. They have redone it, again. This clinic is VERY concerned with cutting down on the amount of time people have to wait for anything. Which is almost nearly annoying because they have beautiful waiting rooms, great chairs, cold water to drink, a beautiful view even from the lower floors and very fast free wifi. But, you never get to enjoy it for long. A few years ago they revamped their lab to streamline operations. It's a lovely, pleasant place - again with a great view to look at while you are getting stabbed.

Today, I discovered they have redone it again so now it's even better and there is a huge banner declaring that they had won some kind of big deal award for the redoing of the whole process. It was a cool banner explaining what they did and why and the results. Pretty interesting stuff, but, again, not much time to read it.

I had forgotten to drink a boat load of water so I tried to get down as much as I could. I have the teeniest veins on the planet. Gargantuan hips and teeny veins. WTF, oh great people maker??? You get that order totally bass ackwards? But today's stabber got enough on only the second try which was impressive AND zero bruising which is pretty much impossible. I always feel so badly for those people having to root around under my skin for pay dirt.

Anyway, done now. My appointment with the doctor isn't until Monday but they will send me the test results this afternoon which is also very cool.

I could tell by the webcam that the housecleaner wasn't there yet. I toyed with the idea of going to get my hair cut but decided on breakfast instead. I went to a 24 hour place that I had not been happy with in the past - ok food, annoying politics (they made a huge deal about NO GOOGLE GLASS which was stupid). But, it's been a while so I thought I'd try them again. The service was slow but I was killing time so whatever. The waiter was cute a bug in a rug. And he bought me my coffee 'I like to buy a pretty girl a drink once in a while.' He almost carried that off sincerely. But he, of course, got his coffee money back in an overly generous tip.

By the time breakfast was over, the housecleaner was at my house so I went to Trader Joe's. I got home and she was done and the house looks lovely and smells lovely and all is good.

Next up is fighting iTunes to update my swim player with new tunes.
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