Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nifty discovery

I was sitting here and my back was telling me that I had been sitting here too long. Walk some place and get dinner? Nah, I have stuff thawed and ready for cooking in the fridge. Walk some place just to walk. Nah it looks too hot, too windy, too outdoorsy out there. And I don't even want to put on shoes.

So, I grabbed my keys and walked the halls. Not even that much. But we have really really long halls. I hot footed it down to the end of the hall, down the stairs to the 3rd floor and then the length of the 3rd floor and back up here to my door. 570 steps (according to Misfit and it seems about right). And I did hot foot it. It took a lot of heavy breathing when I got back in here to recovery but...

Oh how handy! A nice little walk with 2 flights of stairs to climb up. I could even add a floor. No shoes needed. Weather independent. Available 24/7. Free. I think I may have stumbled onto something very helpful!
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