Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Packed Pool

Today the pool was not packed with people particularly but the lanes I use (easy and medium) contained people who wanted to jog in place or just fuck around in the water. So I had no place to do my laps. Finally I just got out and moved over to the training pool. It's only 15 x 15 (the lap pool is 15 x 25). But, once I got in the rhythm of shorter laps it was fine. And it was certainly not crowded.

Last Thursday was too crowded as well. So while I'm in the shower I was thinking of a good plan B. I could go at 11:45 or 12 (but they may have similar but different lane clogging problems). I could go to another pool (but there really aren't any free ones close by). Whatever... clearly there needs to be a new idea.

When I got to the car, I checked my Misfit and Whao! Apparently it really likes shorter laps. I got the equivalent of .2 of a mile extra! So... Maybe I'll just stick to the training pool. I like it ok, there is rarely anyone in there and if there is, there is still plenty of room for me to do laps. And, if I can get a free fitness boost out of the deal, why the hell not?! Cool.


I've recently discovered a local radio magazine show that started this past January. It's an hour long and of that only about 15 mins is so local that outsiders might not be interested. The rest is truly interdenominational, so to speak. It's a collection of magazine like pieces on various topics and always fascinating.

It's called Sound Effect. I know it's on Saturdays but I don't know what time because I always listen to the podcast.

This past week there was a story about 3D printing prosthetic hands. They interviewed one kid who had been a loser in school with zero interest in anything. Then he got his hand and got interested in how it was designed and made and how it could be made better and then interested in school and how he could be made better. It was fascinating. He said he now never finds anything he cannot do. Instead he sometimes finds things he cannot do... yet.

I heard this story on Sunday and I cannot get it out of my head. What an amazingly cool thing. I cannot do.. I do not know... yet.


Along with my window shades that I control from my phone and being able to upload paper check deposits, probably the technological advance that I enjoy most is entertainment On Demand. I've had a TiVo for 15 years. I rarely watch live TV. I record the news and jump in usually 5 to 10 mins after it starts so I can fast forward through the bits I have no interest in. I record baseball games and watch the same way.

And, now, it's how I listen to most radio and some video podcasts. I still do listen to NPR live in the morning and it's frustrating not to be able to hit that Go Back 10 Seconds So I Can ReHear That Bit Please.
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