Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The oven cleaning was pretty painless - I could feel the heat and it did stink but not much and only for a bit. It was totally worth it. All the spots and places I couldn't scrub out are now gone. It's bright and shiny and clean.


One of the reasons I stopped bitching about the grammar and punctuation errors made by others, particularly professionals, is because I keep reading that kind of bitching in twitter and other places by those same people. When it's someone else's error it's so easy to see. When it's your own, apparently, not possible to see/fix.

I'm a typo queen, I get that, but I hope my grammar and punctuation is error free. Probably it is not so to be safe, no rocks/glass houses and pots/black. I just read two tweets by writers who's own grammatical errors are even more annoying to me because of their grammar police activity. But, my cyber lips are zipped. Except, of course, bitching here. So not zipped at all. Sigh.


Today it's a stop at the library for a hold pickup and then a swim at 11. Tonight I need to make sure all is ready for the house cleaners tomorrow. I likely won't be here when they are. After my swim tomorrow, I need to go the doctor's office for my fasting lab stuff. My annual checkup is next Monday and I want to have labs done before then. Plus, I like not being here when the cleaning happens. But, it takes a little planning.


There's a ballgame tonight but on Tuesdays when they play here in Seattle like tonight, the broadcasters are joined by a guy who used to play outfield. He annoys the crap out of me every time he opens his mouth and so ruins the game watching experience. If the game is a good one, I'll watch the TV on mute and listen to the radio. If the game sucks, I'll just turn it off and watch something else.


But, before all that, I need to hit the street this morning. I have not been doing the pre-breakfast walking that I planned and need to do. One day this past weekend, I was driving down a hill that I would never attempt to walk. It's not far and where I would walk if it were flatter but avoid because it's not. As I drove by, I saw a woman about my age, walking up that fucking hill... with a walker! WTF? People should not show off like that in public. That's just mean.
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