Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done

This morning turned out to be cooler than anyone expected so I decided to go ahead and get the oven project done. And it's doing no - an hour left. It's not as hot as the oven it replaced but, note to self, do not do this in August.

Next up the fireplace project. My fireplace is kind of useless. It needs an electric insert but it's too small.  The glass doors are surrounded by brass and are dirty and ugly. I rarely use it in winter and, of course, never in summer. I like the mantal and don't really object to the fireplace in general. I just hate how it looks.

My first thought was a modern version of an old fashioned fan stand that stands decoratively in front of the fireplace in the summer.  I couldn't find one. So, as I am wont to do when I need an idea, I went to Etsy. I came up dry until I found a vendor who makes draft covers to keep out air leaks when not in use... She uses insulated material that she attaches with magnets. Oh yeah!

The door handles stick out but this morning, while I was swimming, I came up with that idea...

I took them off and put them with the 3 fake logs I have into the fireplace itself!

Then I got black felt and stuck magnets all around the edges.

And... voila! The fireplace disappears.

It looks even better from where I sit.

I'm very delighted with this. Very.
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