Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Apologies to the mail carrier

So when I returned the Lands End suits, I packaged them up and handed them to the mail carrier and assumed from her attitude that she hid them in her truck. The tracking number shows no activity since May 4. So today I called. After a fairly annoying telephone tree they offer you the option of calling you back. I took it. The woman who called me back clearly wasn't a native English speaker but got right to the point and with the tracking number I gave her told me that the package had been handed over to DHL! So... I owe that pissed off mail carrier an apology. Sorry, lady.

I sent off a Where's My Refund email to Lands End.

My swim this morning was a good one. They put up signs about the road work that starts the minute school lets out for the Summer (the pool is next to a large high school). So starting in June and going for at least 8 months, it's going to be a bitch and a half to get to the pool. Oh well. What happens happens. At least I can now walk up and down that hill - that's going to be very handy!

I think today's project is going to be that fireplace cover. I finished designing it this morning during my swim. I need to go to the fabric store and pick up some felt. Happily, there's a lovely fabric store outlet not far at all.

Yesterday and Saturday I did a bunch of house stuff and so today there really isn't a lot that needs doin'. The laundry is all done, the kitchen is clean. I even when through all the shelves in the hallway and culled out a bunch of stuff for Goodwill.

It feels nice to be so organized.

Zoey continues to be fine although she's apparently given up wet food. She's hoovering up the dry kibble so no big deal. Saves me some mess. She's done this before - gone off wet food for a month or so and then changed her mind again. Suits me. Dry food is way easier and cheaper.
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