Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So today, after dragging out the air conditioner because of heat, is the day I remembered that I forgot to clean the oven! I was going to do it as soon as I let Chef Anita go. It's self cleaning but that means it just heats up to biscillion degrees. This oven is very well insulated. But even so, heating the oven to biscillion degrees in the Summer is just stupid.  And waiting til fall is stupid, too.

I just checked the 10 day forecast the coldest day looks like Wednesday when the high is supposed to stop at 58. I think I'll take my chances and do it then.  Assuming I remember. I put it on the calendar with a reminder and I'm writing this for reinforcement.

Also today I figured out a better way to hide the ugly brass on my fireplace. In fact to really hide the whole thing for Summer. It's a cover I'm going to make and attach with magnets. I even already have the magnets. I just need the fabric.  That may well be tomorrow's project.

One more tweak to the living room furniture and now it's just perfect for Summer. Comfortable, workable and it looks nice, too!

This has been a very productive day. Especially for a Sunday.
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