Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's too early but I don't care

I seem to be in 'get it done' mode. I went to Costco. Turns out MANY MANY people decided Mother's Day was an excellent time to go to Costco. Holy Crap. But, I was in Costco zen mode so no biggie. But it did make it a little difficult to stroll through the aisles at a clip so I gave up, got some stuff and left. (I did park at the way back of the second lot so at least there was that.)

I got sponges for doing dishes. Being Costco, of course, there are a bunch o' them. So I cleaned out the under the sink area to make room. I tossed out a bunch of stuff. I had some really gross old sponges and stuff under there that had probably been under there for 25 years. Yuck.

Then I cleaned the pillows from Zoey's computer bed. I have enough spare hair now for an additional cat. Wonder if there's a kitty version of Locks of Love?

While at Costco, I saw that they had a few air conditioners out. Just like the one I bought last year. I think I paid $450 and they were selling for $400 today. A GREAT deal either way. I decided to go ahead and set it up today. I hope we are still weeks away from needing it but I'll be ready.  In the winter, it lives in a storage closet on the terrace.

I can't remember what year I got my first air conditioner on wheels. I know it was at least 2000 or before. It was a giant gangly thing that sounded like a jet landing. I'm now on A/C 3.0. I bought it last year and it's wonderful. Much smaller and much nicer looking and quieter and way more efficient. Way. Plus, it came with two nice storage bags - one for the unit and one for the bits.

So setting it up was easiest it has ever been. Nice. I have a pet door that I use for venting so when it's hot I can close the hot air out. My condo faces east. So when it gets really hot, if I make sure the blinds are down for sunrise, and turn on the air conditioner early, I can keep it on medium fan keep the whole condo - even the bedroom - not horrible. Almost as valuable to me is just knowing that I have it and can get cool no matter how hot it gets. Peace of mind.

Since I started my LiveJournal in 2002, I have recorded the days I set up the air conditioner and put it away. Makes an interesting study in global warming!

Screenshot 2015-05-10 at 1.36.17 PM
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