Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hopefully, the last 'she's better' entry

It occurred to me yesterday that when I reswizzled the living room furniture last week, I moved Zoey's access to the computer bed to maybe out of her reach. But, she wasn't hoping up on anything so I didn't know for sure. And then the other night I really did wonder if it mattered. If she's maybe hopped her last hop.

But, tonight, she got on the back of the chair and even in it's new position, she was easily able to get up there. She watched a lot of the Mariner game from up there. Now she's gone out on the terrace to see if those crows who were laughing at her this afternoon are back. I really am so relieved.

And in other miraculous things, the Mariners have a 5 run lead in the 7th and they actually won last night. Pigs must be flying somewhere.
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