Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday - off by some pixels

My Misfit Shine and I agree, last night was shitty, sleep wise speaking. I have no idea why but I woke up a bascillion times and just could not get comfortable. So maybe that's why my swim this morning was also off. Not terrible but just off. I also found out that one of my favorite lifeguards is leaving to go down the street to the YMCA. The Y pool sucks and really really needs him but I'll miss him.

Zoey continues to puzzle me. She's definitely lost her spark. But, she appears in no pain. She's eating and drinking normally and using the litter box like always. I keep thinking that if I take her to the vet, what am I going to tell the vet? She's depressed? Oh well, I think I'll probably take her today anyway. Worst case she'll get a bit of a checkup. Plus, I have a great vet. Drop in only and really nice people. Wonder where that fancy cat carrier is... A couple of years ago, I lucked into a top of the line pet carrier at Goodwill. It was $5. It's so up scale that I'm almost embarrassed to use it.

Later this afternoon, I think I'll take my walk and slip into the teriyaki place and pick up dinner.

Oh, I just read that Seattle was chosen for the 2018 USA Special Olympics games. That's pretty cool and something that I think I'd like to volunteer to help with maybe. Cool.

But now I need some breakfast and then go see the cat doc.
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