Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And so...

I've been watching Zoey all day and she's been pretty much giving me the stink eye about it. Tonight I put out some wet food for her and she kind of looked at it and said 'no thanks'. Then I popped open a can of her second favorite and topped the rejected stuff with a spoonful and got a 'oh well, THAT makes a difference' and the proceeded to eat the whole thing.

I got a sweet deal on a new flavor of her favorite. Apparently, the new flavor is a no go. Swell, cause I got a boat load of it.

Also, turns out while she's always interested in licking my ice cream bowl, apparently she favors Ben & Jerry's as do I. But, I have currently been indulging in Klondikes because, it's so easy to handle and comes in good flavors and is contained. I don't have the temptation to top my bowl off with a few more scoops.

However, Zoey has zero interest in Klondike leftovers and I got more kitty stink eye.

Otherwise, she seems ok.

I got all the things on my list done today but then hit the skids this afternoon and slept for an hour. I have zero appreciation for naps. I don't like donating the time and I really don't like how I feel when I wake up. But, at least I'm no longer sleepy.

The Mariners are currently losing again. But, that's only because they are playing. Tomorrow, they have a day off... from losing. Sigh.
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