Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I wonder now if Zoey's change in personality is maybe an indication of some kind of problem. She seems not real perky. She let's me poke and massage and move my hands all over her without a peep. There's no limping or moving funny. She's not really doing or not doing anything particular just slowly. Maybe she's depressed. She's probably just bummed about those fucking Mariners.

Or maybe she's freaked by the changes in the living room. When I was a kid I was forever rearranging the stuff in my bedroom. That's what I did in the living room yesterday and I think I kind of like it. I did fix the air conditioner problem rather nicely I think.

Also yesterday I pulled out the sewing machine and tightened up the straps on one of my new suits. My swim this morning proved the change was perfect so I will do the other two today and then put the sewing stuff away. I'd love to have a place where I could keep the sewing machine set up always but there really isn't any place. Just as well, I guess. Pain that it is.

I'm losing interest in my before-breakfast walks. It would really be better to do them in the late afternoons but I know that's not happening on a regular basis. I think, this morning, I'm going to try to do it after breakfast. Walk off the calories. We've got a string of cloudless sunny days ahead so it's going to get a lot harder before it gets easier.

Sitting here on the bed sure isn't making it happen.
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