Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Switching it up

While I was swimming today, I rearranged my living room a bit, in my mind. Then, when I got home, I actually did it. I'm not sure if it's a winner yet.

There are two main issues I'm trying to accommodate.

1. Soon it will be time to roll in the air conditioner. Since it was last in the living room, I got a new chair that is in its way. Because it has to vent out the door, there is little wiggle room for where the air conditioner can sit.

Plus, I need a straight shot for the cold air from the a/c to my chair.

2. I spend a lot of time in that chair on the laptop which has been, since forever, situated off to my left. I think my back and spine and lordknowswhatelse is getting frozen kinked to the left. I think it's time to give the right a chance at some kinking...

My chair is really a chair and table attached but you can swing the chair so that the table is on the left or the right so there are options... So I switched it out and moved everything with it. I'm not sure whether it's doable or not yet.

Next I need to move the rest of the furniture around just a bit. There's one chair that really needs to people to nudge. I think I'll save it for when the house cleaner comes next time. Next I need to find a place for my two hard foam rollers which I had hidden but used up that space with the chair.

I may move it all back in a week. Zoey just came out to inspect it all and gave it all a big yawn and went back to bed.
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