Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not sleeping alone

Zoey is still on my bed in the same place, next to my pillow. She repositions herself now and again but every time I woke up last night, she was there. And she's there now. She gets up to eat and check on the birds outside on the terrace and use the litter box and then come walk across my keyboard and back again, but comes right back to her spot. Weird cat.

I have a truckload of holds ready for pick up today at the library. They are CD's with music for swimming. They all got ready for me at the same time. Which is kind of convenient. I'll pick them up on the way to pool this morning.

I have never embraced the concept of book clubs. While I enjoy reading and if I find a book that I think someone I know might like, it's fun to share my find but once a book is over and I have personally chewed over the story a bit, I'm done and ready to move on to the next one. I don't really have any interest in meeting and discussing it with a group of people.

Having said that, I am fully aware that the list of things I don't 'get' that are generally part of the society I live in, is pretty long. S'ok. The freedom of the kind of life I live is that I don't really have to 'get' it. I can pretend I do on those rare occasions when I need to make someone else feel ok. But, mostly I can just enjoy my own curmudgeon self without offending anyone.

Like today's weather. Most everyone else will bitch about it but it's my kind of weather - cool and cloudy and a bit wet. It will make my morning walk way more enjoyable.

Today is the monthly 10% off for seniors at Fred Meyer but, I honestly can't think of a thing I need so thanks, Fred, but no thanks. I am waiting for refunds from stuff I have sent back to the total tune of just under $400. It's all going into the Fancy Toilet Seat Fund.

I have narrowed down the choices to 3. Bidetsplus has a special going on until the 15th. And, when taxes and extras are factored in, they also have the best prices. I sent them an email last night asking for help in making my final selection. I hope they come through. I'm getting pretty jazzed about this gift for my ass.

But now, I'm going to get that very same ass out of bed, dressed and onto the sidewalk to soak up some of that good susandennis weather!
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