Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My bed now!!

I had a cat for many years - Betty - who changed personalities and behaviors about every 2 years. She'd go from being a snuggle bunny to living in the back of the closet and then in a couple of years, to taking every opportunity to sneak out the front door and then in another two years, be back in snuggle bunny mode.

Zoey is following in her departed sisters pawprints. For the past maybe year, she spends most of the night in the fish room in her cat house there on that bed. In the mornings when the radio goes off, she meets me at the coffee pot in the kitchen and gets some breakfast and then joins me on my bed for internetting.

Then she spends the rest of the day either with me in the living room or by the front door - I'm guessing listening for dogs that come down the hall.

But now she's taken to claiming my bed all day. This morning she came out when I got back from the Japanese grocery. I also stopped at the Japanese dollar store (which is actually $1.50) and got her a new bell collar. So she stayed in the living room with me long enough to try out her new collar and then she went back to my bed. She came out later and it was clear she needed her nails clipped so we did that and she went back to my bed. Just now she came out for a snack and then, you guessed it, went back to my bed which is where she is now. Up near the pillow. Looking at me like I have a problem.

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