Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had just gotten home this morning from the pool when I saw a tweet that a major intersection I just went through is now completely closed because of a serious accident. Whew. Dodge a bullet. Oh crap, now I see that it was a bicyclist hit by a bus. Fuck. There's zero good there.

Today was the first day that there were no need for headlights on the way to the pool. And there have been several days already, today included, too warm to have the door to the terrace closed all day.

I am going to pass on my pre-breakfast walk today. I want to go to the Japanese market and get some more almond cookies. But going there while hungry is NOT a fiscally responsible act. Plus, when I spent too much money there, I also run into a carry problem... so best to eat first, then walk and hope I get there and back before it gets too hot.

That's it so far for plans today.

Zoey lost her collar somewhere in the house and I can't find it... with it was the bell so now she sneaks up on me pretty darned successfully. I have a back up collar but it's not stretchy enough. It's plastic so I think I'm going to soak it in some boiling water and see if I can't get it stretched out a bit.

But, first... breakfast.
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