Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that was a fail

I waited and waited and waited and then finally it was time so I walked the half mile to the restaurant and got there at 9:58. I double checked their website... yep, opens at 10. Even Google says they open at 10. The lights were on but the door was locked so I waited. In a few minutes a woman came to put in the cash register drawer and ignored me. Weird. I tried the door again. Still locked. Then she came to the door and told me they open at 11. WTF???

They have a very active Twitter feed so I left a tweet about how pissed I was and then walked home.

On the up side, I walked a mile nearly without stopping!! Misfit says I ate up more than 3000 steps and 1500 calories. And... I don't have to worry about that place for a brunch choice and can take them out of my Twitter feed.

So now I'm cooking hashbrowns and will do the rest of breakfast when they are done. The Mariner game is at 11 and I'm doing laundry. I'll put the brunch money towards the Fancy Toilet Seat Fund.
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