Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The adjustable bed I bought about 18 months ago has a remote that makes it go up and down. In fact the only way to make it adjust is by the remote. The remote has always had about a 10% failure rate. Randomly the thing just won't work. It may not be the remote, who knows. But, lately, it's closer to 40%.

I'm in bed and all sleepy and turn the lights out and hit the remote to raise the head of the bed and nothing. Instead of all sleepy now I'm instantly awake and annoyed and soon pissed. The only thing that fixes it seems to be taking all four batteries out of the cheaply built remote and putting them back in. And of course, that is not an easy task so once it does work, sleep has now left the building.

But, according to my fitness band, I actually slept really nicely. I am so first world.

I never have and still don't understand professional boxing and how it is any different than dog or cock fighting.

This morning I'm off to the far south pool for my swim. They only have lap swimming for an hour so I need to be sure and be there and ready to hop in as soon as the hour starts at 8:30. I don't even count laps on Saturdays. I just swim until they start pulling the lane lines out. There's a very popular aqua exercise class that takes over the pool at 9:30.

I think I'll go back to Randy's for breakfast. It's on the way home and not packed and a decent breakfast and a kind of fun place. It's been there a million years and 'there' is smack in the middle of Boeing. The place, itself, is a model airplane museum.

My apres breakfast plans have yet to be decided...
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