Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nails done... Suits suit me fine!

New nails... sparkley and green! The place still does a better manicure for cheaper and is just too far out of the way. I made another appointment.

Then home and the new suits arrived. I ordered 4 but 3 of them turned out to be same style. The 4th one didn't fit right - too big in places, too small in others. But the other 3 were fine and comfortable. The ability to take out the foam boobs makes a HUGE difference for the good. So good that I wrote an email to TYR.

But, the problem is... keep all 3? keep 2? keep 1? It should surprise no one to learn that I am keeping all 3. I swim 6 days a week. I will wear and enjoy them on a rotating basis in hopes that rotating will enable them to last longer.

Now I need to wrap up the 4th one and trot it over to the post office. I already hit today's goal on my Misfit Shine. This P.O. trip will be fitness gravy!
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