Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got my social security payment early which kind of surprised me. It's been my experience that when a deposit's date falls on a weekend, you get the $$ on Monday. But, apparently social security likes to get the jump. My pay date is the 3rd which falls on a Sunday this month but the $$ were in my checking account this morning. Nice touch there, feds.

I think I'll try and get my nails done today. If they didn't grow this manicure would last forever. But, alas, they grow. I'm going back to the new place. It's not handy to get to but they did such a good job. One more time, anyway. I'll call and if they can take me today, great, if not, Monday will do.

My latest new suits arrive today. This batch I ordered from I forget what a joy they are to deal with. I need to remember that. Everything from their website to their emails to their policies and customer support is just top notch. I sure home these suit are! There was a woman at the pool this morning with a TYR suit just like one of the ones I ordered only hers was black and I ordered YO IT'S ME, BRIGHT BLUE. I'm a pool peacock.

Not sure what else today will bring but I need to get out and get my walk in before that stupid sun gets all over everything.
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