Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Writing this down so making it a little real?

It's clear that walking makes it easier to walk. So. As much as I hate it, walking will have to be done. As it gets warmer and the sun gets sunnier and glarier it's going to be more and more difficult to hit the streets. It makes no sense to join the gym when I have free streets. I tend to swallow bitter pills more easily if I build them into the fabric of my days so they are done without thinking.

Every morning, I have coffee with my laptop on the bed. If it's a swimming morning, I have it when I come back from the pool. On the other days I do it when I wake up. And then I get up and get dressed and have breakfast.

I'm thinking that just before that breakfast part, I will walk around one or two blocks. Every single day without discussion or thinking. Just coffee, dress, walk around the block. I'll do two blocks so that it will at least be 15-20 minutes and I'll do it at the 122-3 beats per minute.

Then home and breakfast. I think that will work. Then any other walking I do will be gravy. Saturdays won't work because of the pool schedule but if I miss a day, BFD.

I think it's doable. As in it's something I actually will do. Starting tomorrow morning.
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