Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

not the best day...

Nothing horrible just annoying. Zoey is really annoying. She worked hard starting at 5 am to wake me up. She's knocked over everything she's found including a glass full of water. She will not leave me alone to even type this entry. I've tried food. I've tried toys. Nothing is working and it's making me nuts.

My swimsuits arrived from Land's End and not only do they not fit, they fit in such a way that another size isn't going to help a bit. And I'm really pissed because they are perfect. Nice fabric, no foam boobs, nice colors. But they are too small to get into and then, once on, they bag in the butt and the straps fall off. Fuck.

I parked at the top of the hill for swimming this morning and when I went to go back to the car, I really had trouble getting there without stopping. I made it but then had to sit there and breathe.

Once home I did this and that and this and that - mainly tossing Zoey off my lap so I could read or type or knit. I knew I had to go walk I didn't want to but this morning reminded me that I need more walking. But, I waited too long and the sun was out and in full glare. And I forgot my sunglasses. But, I fired up the music and walked at what I thought was a pretty darned fast clip until this guy walked passed me at what was clearly just having a leisurely stroll. Sigh. My Misfit Shine says my pace was Moderate which isn't too bad and I did go 20 minutes. I had to stop briefly twice. But, it's done. I may go out again later. Maybe.

I might go to the post office and send these suits back. I could drive up to Sears but 1. traffic and 2. I might spend money once I get in the store. It's probably easier and cheaper just to mail them back and I think I have sufficient packaging (the box they came in is way too big for me to pay the shipping for).

It is very hard to find good workout suits for fat girls (no 'slimming support', flattering boy legs', 'enhancing bra' in fact, give me no cups at all). And I don't know why. There are a fair number of heavy duty female swimmers who are hefty. TYR has some. I'll try those. Sigh.

Baltimore played a ballgame today with no spectators. I listened to part of it and it was weird. But, they won.

Zoey is into something, I can hear her bell going like she's doing something she shouldn't. Better go find out what.
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