Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Library, Grocery, Swim

I woke up this morning to a request from my brother to check his newsletter. He was late getting it out. There is nothing worse when you are already late than to have to wait on an editor so I hopped out of bed and went to work (I have to use the windows machine because it's in Office Publisher). It needed a lot of formatting work but he had done an excellent job this month. It so impresses me that he does this newsletter every month. His customers constantly tell him how much they enjoy reading his take on tech so he keeps doing it. I make sure his e-mails are emails and he hasn't used 42 different fonts. I enjoy being able to help out.

Now I'm getting ready to head out.

The Seattle Library has several things on hold for me and one hold expires today so I need to get my ass in there to pick it all up. That will be the first thing. Then my swim. Then a grocery trip. I am out of eggs!! I eat a lot of eggs and being out of them is a disaster.

Then home to update my swimming tunes and the ballgame at 5 and whateverelsehappens...
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