Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still sucking but with a pretty fun life...

Way back when, when girls got married and quit their jobs to 'keep house'. I didn't get the allure myself but everyone was doing it. My girlhood friend did and I went to visit her one weekend. I remember just being so confused by her life. "What do you do all day?"

I hear myself ask myself that question a lot. What are you going to do today? What did you do today?

Today... I had breakfast and interneted and washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I watched a podcast (while knitting) that I download every week. It's a couple of hours long so I only watched half of it. Then I got up because I was tired of sitting. I decided to organize the car which has kind of gotten out of control. On the way to that I partially cleaned out a closet and took a bunch of boxes down to the dumpster.

I got the car under control - man, that sucker is dirty. I have no spigot or hose to wash it but I must remember to either run it through the auto washer or go to one to the diy places.

Then back up here for more podcast/knitting. Then I slapped on my shoes and fired up my fast music and hit the street. I wanted to wait until after the lunch rush so it was about 1:15 which was too late. The sun was painfully glaring and it was hot unless I could find some shade to walk in but I managed. I ended up at the teriyaki place - only my 3rd time and that lady already knew my order! Came home from there the long way and, thereby, hit my fitness bad goal! Yahoo.

I have to transfer the teriyaki out of the container immediately. Styrofoam is illegal here in Seattle. Take out places have to use recyclable containers which really do suck. If you don't get the food out immediately, they get all wet and melty and ugh.

Then I read some while I knitted some more and then did some other stuff that I don't remember... Oh, made some hard boiled eggs, for one thing. Anyway, then I nuked the teriyaki and ate it - delicious. Seriously. It came with salad which is still on the fridge. Tomorrow I will be making the most amazingly delicious chef salad with the leftovers and the salad and the eggs.

Now I'm seeing that the 5 pm baseball game is not going to start until at least 6. Rain in Texas and no roof. The Homeowners Association meets at 6 so I'll let TiVo get any game action while I go listen to building gossip.

I think I'll watch Ellen before the news and then go.

And that's my day. I still revel in the freedom that makes up my hours and days. I cannot believe how unbelievable lucky I am to spend my time any way I want. It pays to suck!
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