Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I suck! But, apparently, only anonymously

This comment landed in my mail this morning. I have taken to screening anonymous comments so most never see the light of day but this one was too choice to keep hidden.

Why in the world would someone who really believes that I am so horrible keep reading my journal??

Anyway, it gave me a chuckle.

If I live long enough, I can maybe achieve sainthood. (arugh to both of those things, by the way)
Can't see that happening, ever!

I hate doing an anonymous comment, but really don't want you to know who you have hurt just by being you. Why you are like you are we will never know, but you are at least honest about it. I just think you give no thought to others and how you affect them.

What about the homeless women you looked down your nose at? What good did that do for you?

Have you ever considered others at all? The only thing I can say is you are honest about how you feel.

Anyway, as you would appreciate: You Suck as a human being which seems to be your goal.

Happy Monday! Today, or rather this evening, is the condo home owner association meeting. That plus the baseball game are the only calendar items today. I don't even have laundry as I got that all washed and put away yesterday.

There will be a walk... but, first there will be breakfast.
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