Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

walking, we're walking... and we're walking, let's keep walking...

So I did not go to the bar place near the stadium. I decided to keep that for next week when the Mariners are play out of town. Plus, I was too hungry to wait so I went to the diner that opens at 9. It's a 10 minute walk.

The breakfast was ho hum but I enjoyed the experience and my house doesn't smell like eggs and bacon so score.

And then... I plugged in my headphones and fired up the 122 beats per minute tunes and lit out of there! I walked around several extra blocks at a very fast clip for a solid 15 minute without stopping once! Holy crap on a stick. High 5 me.

The other day I was thinking that this whole wearing a fitness thing is stupid. But, I got over that. I sync'd it up this morning and learned that my walk to the diner was 10 minutes of Light Activity (740 steps) and netted me 76 points. The walk home was 15 minutes of Moderate Activity (1228 steps) and netted me 138 points. (An hour of swimming usually equates to about 2800 steps and 1200 points.)

The measuring gives the activity more weight for me. Especially now that I know it does make it possible for me to do stuff I want to do.

Now I'm home and on the second load of laundry. I have plenty of time to watch CBS Sunday morning before the baseball game starts.

Zoey, as it turns out, does not need a pet. She's going through another eating spurt. She did this last February. I remember because it was when my brother was here. In addition to her always there dry kibble, she normally eats about a 4th of a small can of cat food a day. Some days she doesn't eat any. Then, while my brother was here, she started scarfing down 2 full cans a day. And that's what she's doing now. (Wild. And way less trouble than a whole nother pet.) She's bugging me because she wants more canned food in her dish! Ok, can do.
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