Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I should just ignore me

So after my declaration about not spending, I just ordered 3 swimsuits. My Saturday suit is a Lands End that I bought when I first started swimming (so 5ish years ago?). For some reason I stopped wearing it and only recently re-found it and put it back into service. I like a lot about it and am tired of my others which are falling apart anyway. So I decided to see if I could find ones like my Saturday suit. Lands End, of course, no longer carries it but they do have others.

I ordered 3 because I am more likely to return 2 than 1. And I definitely do not intended to keep all 3. Lands End is a liberal return policy and there used to be a small but OHHH so handy Sears store down the street. Now the closest one is not quite as handy but still, to get my money back on 2 suits, I'll make the day trip.


I think Zoey needs a pet. She's spending more and more time knocking shit off of whatever and whining and crawling all over me constantly. I think she needs more of a distraction than a red dot or spinning whatever. But, I'm not convinced I want another pet.


The breakfast place I planned for today was one that, turns out, I had been to before long ago. Today it was packed to the gills and, instead of turning around and leaving, I decided to try it anyway. They did have coffee while you wait. And a comfortable place to sit. The wait was about 15 minutes then they stuck me at the bar. I don't really mind sitting at the bar. I do very much mind bar stools without a place to put my feet so that the circulation in the thighs does not dry completely up. It was 10 minutes until anyone took my order and another 15 before I saw it. I was trying to be chill and not succeeding entirely.

Except then, turns out, my breakfast was exceedingly delicious. This would have made up for it entirely except then, of course, it was like pulling teeth to fucking pay! GRRR Once I got out of there, I did walk the long way round to my car. I should have walked longer but maybe I'll go out later.


Oh and my swim was excellent.
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