Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm off this morning - in 30 mins - to my 'other' pool. At least so far, the clouds are out which make swimming there ever so much more comfortable (floor to ceiling windows with massive glare on the water when the sun is out). But, frankly, the pool is so lovely, even sun can't ruin the swim.

I have found another breakfast place on that side of town. So I'm heading there after. And that's it for my agenda so far.

I also discovered yesterday that there's a new good Sunday option. A bar on the other side of the baseball stadium is now serving brunch starting at 10. I think I might just give that a shot tomorrow. I could not have walked that far a few months ago but I'm pretty sure I can make it easily now.

I'm making good progress on my leftover yarn bears. I got a free shipping coupon from my main yarn source. It's good until May 20. I really don't need any yarn right now and don't really have good storage for more but... maybe by May 20, I'll have knit me more room.

I'm also trying to cut back on my spending for a bit. I have been buying stuff I don't need at an uncomfortable rate lately. I'd like to get my savings padded a bit just in case.

Time now to suit up and hit the road.
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