Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Since the fun bears moved out months ago it's been dullsville across the way. I rarely see whoever moved into that apartment. Today the shades are up and it's clear that no big decorating effort has happened and while someone is living there, I rarely get a glimpse. Sigh.

Just below that unit is a much smaller on and that guy is often gone as well but today... since about 2 pm (it's now 5) he's been standing in his kitchen looking at his phone. Seriously. He's barely moved. So weird.

The Tree That I Hate is full out now so my view isn't that great anyway. I hope the action picks up by next winter.


I walked over to the Japanese grocery store today and I was pretty shocked by how easy it was to walk and breathe at the same time. Really, I can feel a huge difference and it's pretty cool. I was not walking slowly either. In fact, Misfit says I took less than 20 minutes over and back and that used to be a 30 minute walk. Hmmm I'm seeing a problem here. If all my 20 minute walks shrink down in time, I'll be needing to walk more. I need to think about this.

But, mainly I'm just delighted. In January I was barely able to walk across the street without stopping to catch my breath. This is a huge difference. I think I could even walk and carry on a conversation at the same time now.


UPDATE!!!! Kitchen cellphone guy moved! out of the kitchen! Whoa.
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