Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's so easy to complain

I started out this entry about how tired I am of hearing people complain - not people online but people in real life - in the elevator, in the parking garage, in the grocery store. Everyone's go to utterance is a complaint about something ridiculous.

And then, I realized the irony and stupidity of an entry complaining about people who complain. So, no.

Plus, the more I hear those whiny complaints, the more it reminds me to focus on the good stuff. I feel good, I'm breathing good, I had a great swim this morning, I have nothing that I have to do today, the sun isn't out and it is cool which, in my brain, is the perfect weather.

I really don't need any groceries but I do want some potatoes and some sausage. And I need a walk so it's likely off to the Japanese grocery this morning. It's a little more expensive than Safeway or QFC but, I can't walk to ether one of those and walking, besides giving me the needed exercise, means I won't buy as much because, well, carrying... I have a wheeled cart I could take but if I don't, I spend less. Walk more, spend less. That's my goal.

This week has really slipped by me in what feels like rapid speed. Since I really have no anchors to dread or look forward to sometimes it seems the days and weeks just slip on by. I find this both comforting and disconcerting.
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