Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Mariners have never been to the World Series. They have made it to the playoffs a few times but managed to escape by losing before they got too far. They have had a couple of not horrible seasons but mostly they show great promise and the money is on how soon that promise will die. This year, it looks like any hope for a winning season may be dead before May. Unfuckingbelievable. Oh well. I have honed my skills spending the Summer with a sucky team so at least I'm set for another year. Sigh.

Last night they played a good game until the 8th inning. Then they decided they didn't really want to win the game and handed it over to the Astros.


Today is at least a trip to Home Depot. I went yesterday to find a special drill bit and looked for a long time for someone to help me figure out what I wanted but, turns out, I'm pretty darned invisible in Home Depot! The drill bit I bought is probably not what I need but also the same size as one I have. So today I'm going to return it.

Yesterday, I parked at the far end of the parking lot. Today I might just park even further. It's a very painless way to get some waking exercise under my belt. Plus, I kind of get a charge out of actually being able to walk that far comfortably.

That may be it for today's adventure. I have two dinners in the fridge that need to be eaten soon or tossed so that's no hunter/gathering that needs to be done. I'm making good progress on my bears-out-of-leftovers project and want to continue that while the momentum is good.

One of my newer LJ friends asked me the other day about my UFOs. In the yarn world, a UFO is a project started but abandoned temporarily or forever. An UnFinished Object.

I once had a business based on other peoples' UFO's. It was in a little town in North Carolina that had a widely read newspaper and I ran an advertisement that saying I would finish any knitting/crochet/needlework project you had lying around. I also taught macrame and did some seamstress work. I got a lot of UFO's - sweaters that were very nearly done... I remember one gigantic needlepoint lion that had only one small corner left to do. It was a fun business. I was successful enough to buy my first house.

Today I have 3 UFO's - I forgot one when I answered the question the other day.

I have a crochet blanket in the works.
I have an infinity scarf going that is my take to movies project.
And I have my sweater for next winter.

I actually work on the sweater in between bears. So it's not technically a UFO. I worked on it last night. But this morning it will be back to bears.

But, first it will be breakfast.
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