Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Pulitzer prizes were awarded yesterday. They used to come out in early April. Wonder why they changed. I remember the early April because during the 10 minutes I was married, my husband was part of a team that won one (it was the only one that doesn't pay $$ sigh) and the big party was the same night the baseball season opener. I went to the baseball game. Hey, I had season tickets! Yeah, the marriage was a swiss cheese of issues.

Every year when new awards are announced I'm reminded of what a scummy marital partner I was and I wonder again, is he dead yet? If not he is now 87. I think his parents lived long and sourly into their 90s so it's not inconceivable, I guess.

Ok, done wondering and flagellating... until next year.

Again a day clear of anything required of me. My best kind of day. I'll swim, I'll watch the Mariners lose again, I might do the Trader Joe and car gas errands that I thought about but didn't do yesterday. Maybe.
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