Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Which appolis??

While I'm swimming, my mind wanders around. Usually I plan what's going to happen the rest of the day or I noodle out problems but sometimes I don't have any particular mind agenda and just let it go. This morning was one of those times and for some weird reason, I got to thinking about words. Fun words. Words that are fun to say.

My Mom was big on words that are fun to say. Dempsey Dumpster was one of her favorites and anitimacassar.

I loved places - Timbuktu and Mississippi.

My Dad traveled for work much to the time when we were growing up. It was great when he was home, but Mom made it special when he was gone, too (cottage cheese and Fritos for dinner!!). We had a rituals around his travel - particularly around his coming home. We were NOT allowed to share any bad news until he'd had his first drink, for instance.

When I was really little, he traveled the midwest and he come home and list all the towns he'd been to. The names were strange and fun to hear. My favorites were Minneapolis and Indianapolis. He went to both often and when he would come come and tell us about his trip he pull me up on his lap and ask "Guess which Appolis I went to??!!!" I used to make up all kinds of appolis's before I'd guess Minne or Indian. My favorite was Bananappolis!

It was a very amusing swim.

I've got nothing on the agenda today. There will be breakfast. There will be my hated 20 minutes of walking. There should be a trip to the gas station and there may be a trip to Trader Joe's. And, of course, there will be bear knitting and a baseball game.

Yesterday, the Mariners were ahead by 2 and then back by 5 and then back by 3 and then back by 6 and then tied and then, in the bottom of the 9th they won. It was rather exhausting.

And while I was watching that, I was also watching the TWIT podcast where they announced the return of one of my all time favorite TV shows. The Screensavers was on ZDTV and then TechTV and then, briefly before they killed it dead G4. It was a couple of hours every day. I'd record it and watch it the minute I got home from work every day. It was actually on the Screensavers that I first learned about LiveJournal. You had to have an invite to get in and I got an invite from one of the Screensavers people! March 2002.

The main Screensavers guy went on to start up TWIT network and now he's bring the show back. I'm delighted.

But, now, I'm starving. Time to find some breakfast.
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