Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me and my stove - not love at first sight but...

I did not love my stove when it first moved in. I liked the oven part but the induction stove top? Not so much. I didn't do like I thought it should. But, new pans and time have cemented our relationship.

I know now which burners do what when and how to use them and with which pans to do what I want. There is one burner that I use with a nice little $1.50 pan that will bring a cup of water to a rolling boil in 30 seconds. Really. Don't turn your back. I can stop and start stuff cooking in an instant. This morning (the diner didn't open til 9 and I was there at 8:30 so I came on home), I cooked potatoes and salami and put them on the plate and then turned off the heat and scrambled the eggs to a perfect butter yellow in the heat that the pan had left over.

And it is a dream to clean up. No nasty nooks and crannies to hide grime on the stove top or the control panel - just solid, smooth glass surfaces.

Yep, our relationship has matured and now we are really one very happy couple.

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